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West Malaysia to East Malaysia

1.The price above stated is including tax and last mile delivery charges, but it does not include outskirt area and labour charges.

2.M3 calculation: (Height *Width*Depth)in cm /1,000,000 = m3, if 1m3 is over 500kg, then the calculation will be actual weight/500KG to calculate the actual m3.

3.Sea freight shipping rate is included custom clearance, tax and GST.

4.Restricted items for sea freight such as Guns and ammunition, reactionary/political/pornographic brochures, cars, car batteries (with liquid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, etc.), car engines, tobacco and alcohol, fireworks, explosive flammables, lighters, mobile phones , laptops, gold and silver jewellery, sex products, drugs and all goods prohibited by international regulations.

5.Due to east malaysia geographic location, there is some outskirt area that we could not covered, please kindly ask for the delivery charges before ordered.  

6.Price stated above is included shipping fees only (delivery charges and labour fees is excluded), parcel will delivered by the designated courrier company. If the unloading point is a shopping mall, it can only be unloaded at the unloading area designated by the driver.

7.We will provide door to door service but it does not include moving goods to upstairs. If there is needed driver to moving goods to upstairs, labour fees should be deal between receiver and driver.

8. Our company do not compensate for parcel broken, meanwhile, we only compensate for parcel missing. We will make claims in accordance with the service agreement which is cost of items (maximum USD 25) and also double shipping fees for missing parcel.

9. Warehouse only responsible for packaging inspection, if packaging is in well condition, E Post would not responsible for the parcel internal. Fragile goods should in wooden frame packaging to avoid broken since E Post would not responsible on fragile goods.

10. Parcel tracking :

11. Estimation duration is calculated based on after customer make payment for the shipping fees.

12. E POST is not responsible for any indirect loss, indirect damage and other indirect costs.