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Value creation is the starting point of any business or industry; successful or not, it is a fundamental concept to understand. In fact, creating value is the essence of a business and it is important to create and deliver value in an efficient enough way that will generate profit after costs.

The continued rapid growth in e-Commerce markets has demanded an equally rapid and innovative response from the transport and logistics industry. Therefore, to stay competitive in the modern market, Epost takes value creation very seriously. To date, Epost has invested a total of RM1,278,170 in value creation to keep up with the increasing demand from e-Commerce platforms and meet consumer expectations.

Value Creation at Epost

Value can be created through work and it may include both tangible and intangible elements. Generally, value creation refers to the actions that can increase the worth of goods, services or a business. At Epost, we have created value for customers, freelance transporter, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), business partners, both internal and external stakeholders, etc. Everyone involved has benefited in varying degrees throughout the value creation chain. 

For instance, as an online platform that serves logistics services, Epost has established an integrated online ecosystem service for consumers. This ecosystem allows end consumers to search and book any logistical services such as cross border delivery, domestic delivery, customs clearance, collection point, warehouse and storage, tracking and system API online via the Internet, which adds to the convenience factor. Apart from that, customers are able to enjoy logistical services at lowered costs since Epost offers reasonable prices by cutting down the price markup that is common with traditional logistics business models, bringing benefits for online sellers and buyers.

Moreover, Epost has created value for freelance transporters by giving them the opportunity to work with Epost which helps them generate income. Since comprehensive transportation is very important, Epost is committed to hire skilled freelance transporters and other additional workers in response to consumers’ response and demand for the company’s services. At the same time, employment opportunities provide chances for any unemployed or under-employed workers to increase their take-home pay which also impacts the local economy significantly, hence, entailing an improved quality of life.

Since Epost provides e-Commerce delivery throughout Southeast Asia (SEA), we are able to help SMEs increase their sales by helping them to expand their businesses internationally. For instance, Epost can provide services to help local SMEs to export their products to other parts of SEA. Epost also offers cheaper rates with insurance coverage and speedy delivery which will contribute to SMEs business costing advantage. Overall, Epost never stops evolving in the logistics system to serve the customers and business partners with efficiency and best outcomes.

Why does Epost believe in Value?

At Epost, we believe in value as it tells us where and how to grow as a logistics and supply chain company. Indeed, when it comes to employees and company decisions, value creation will always be our first priority. We also believe that value creation will provide enormous advantages in building the company’s ability to achieve profitable and long-lasting growth. Therefore, understanding where, how and why the value is created within the company and markets is very important in order for the company to thrive. 

Apart from generating capital, putting value creation first gives us the opportunity to produce talents or workers who are of higher standards and better capabilities. Since we all live in a world where there are plenty of options, the biggest challenge for all businesses is to develop and maintain a uniquely attractive proposition for both customers and employees. Hence, value creation is crucial in driving profitable and sustainable growth of the company.