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How Epost Enabled the “Farm to Fork” Concept in Malaysia

Following the Movement Control Order (MCO), the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Datuk Junz Wong affirmed that the Government has authorized an exemption for the transportation of vegetables from Kundasang to other parts of Sabah. This exemption is given to ensure people’s needs are met throughout the MCO. Currently, a total of 148 permits involving 184 vehicles were registered with special movement stickers for the transportation of vegetables from Kundasang.

In line with the “Farm to Fork” concept, Epost has initiated a CSR program to help farmers in Kundasang. Kundasang Valley is a very strategic place in Sabah that connects the urban and rural areas. For many years, Kundasang Valley has not just helped local farmers but also gives urban consumers access to more agricultural products directly produced by farmers.

Epost partnering with Kundasang Valley is now delivering vegetables fresh from Kundasang to your home. Available online, people can now purchase vegetables from different packages – A, B, C, D, and E for a price ranging from RM38 to RM88. In a few clicks, they can make their purchases by visiting the Kundasang Valley Sabah online shop and enjoy a five percent discount offered by Epost. Epost founder and CEO, Tobin Ng says, “Stay at home and we will deliver for you, from farm to fork service.” 

As a logistics company in Malaysia, Epost is dedicated to finding solutions to the challenges in Ecommerce logistics and subsequently helping many small businesses including farmers. Certainly, this initiative and collaboration have helped to educate and give exposure to farmers especially in Sabah on Ecommerce and Ecommerce logistics.

We also provide the infrastructure for these farmers to keep the freshness of vegetables. For example, we have provided infrastructure and facilities such as cold storage, packaging and distribution channels in Sabah. To date, Epost has established 60 collection points in Sabah, providing a platform for farmers to market their products.

This service not only helps in ensuring people have a sufficient food supply during the MCO but also has shown how committed Epost is boosting the growth of Ecommerce business in Malaysia. Indeed, Epost has built a good reputation serving the needs of business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) interests in Malaysia and overseas through Ecommerce for the past years.

For more information and inquiries, visit our website at Epost Express.

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