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Don't worry, we'll cover your

Epost Insurance (cover up to RM20,000)

We know that there might be some incident happen during the delivery process
such as parcel lost and damaged parcel.

Epost Express will provide an insurance to insure your parcel or cargo up to


by paying an insurance premium of only 2% of your parcel/cargo value.


Our standard and basic compensation terms have changed to maximum value of USD 25 only.

Customers is only allow to claim more than the above terms if he/she have purchase our insurance with its terms and conditions apply.


1. Compensation plan does not cover any late delivery.
2. Compensation plan have covered lost and damaged parcel listed in the list.
3. Client is required to submit the incident report to Epost Express right after the incident occur.
4. Client is required to compile and submit insurance report to Epost Express at the end of the month for record purposes.
5. It takes two to three weeks for insurance agent to investigate the incident and proceed the claim accordingly.
6. Epost Express only acknowledge claim report within a week of incident occurred.